CPQ Integration Architect

Company Name:
GulfStream Strategic Placements
CPQ Integration Architect in Shelton, CT
The CPQ integration architect will handle business processes that include configuration, pricing, and quoting activities can be streamlined using integration technology. Process and embed to the Quote-to-Order process for ERP applications, the Opportunity-to-Quote process for CRM applications, and the product catalog search and retrieval process for e-Commerce applications.
The integration improves the overall effectiveness of these processes by reducing manual steps, eliminating duplicate data exchange, enforcing data consistency across systems, and providing a friendly interface for users.
Candidates with experience as solution architect on other CPQ/CRM solutions or a rule engine based application will be considered as well.
Experience working on IBM Sterling CPQ product suite is required.
Knowledge of Salesforce.com is a plus.
Hands-on on Object oriented programming, Java, JavaScript, Web services and XML is a required.
So if you are a Top notch CPQ Integration Architect, and wants a new challenge, Apply now!

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