89565 Programmer II

Company Name:
Id : 53142
Date Created : 5/15/2014 8:18:39 AM
Location/City : CT - Shelton
Area Code : 203
Job Type : Contract
Recruiter Name : Eric Schreiber
Recruiter Email :
89565 Programmer II
Location: Shelton, CT
Length: 7 + Months
If interested, please send resume to
This Position Provides Assistance in the Design, Implementation, Test, Debug and Documentation of Complex Solutions to the Advanced Applications Team. The Incumbent Will Rely on a Thorough Understanding Of current Technologies, Products And Applications To Support On-Going Projects. The Position Must Be Able To Work Independently as Well as Collaboratively Within a Team, while Prioritizing Multiple Deadlines.
Three to Five Years Experience in Microsoft SQL Server development required.
Experience with Microsoft SQL Integration, Analysis and Reporting services required
Main Duties & Responsibilities:
Create or modify Entity Relationship (ER) Diagrams to the proposed database
Create database objects such as tables, views, stored procedures, Triggers etc.
Maintain referential integrity, domain integrity and column integrity
Create and automate data feeds into the database
Develop exports that meet provided specifications
Identify columns for Primary Keys in all the tables at design time and create them.
Create functions to provide custom functionality as per the requirements.
Be aware of potential blocking, deadlocking and write code to avoid those situations.
Ensure security issues such as SQL Injection attacks are properly addressed and resolved.
Develop reports in SQL Server Reporting Services.
Design, Develop and Deploy SSIS Packages.
Participate in discussions involving the application creation and understand the requirements and provide the back-end functionality for the applications.
Participate in development and creation of Data warehouses.
Monitor job queues to ensure they are functioning as expected
Provide business users the data required for metrics and analysis Technical Skills
Microsoft SQL Server server side development using SSIS
Proven experience in T-SQL development
Strong indexing and performance optimization practices
Experience working with medium to large databases
The ideal candidate should possess some database administrative experience
Good understanding of financial and accounting concepts

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